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Smart Phones ~ Effects On Eyes

Smart Phones ~ Effects On Eyes

Eye specialists have found that utilizing an electronic device for two hours before bed can bring about body rest issues. Whether it is for work or play, numerous individuals put in hours a day perusing on tablets, messaging on cell phones, writing on portable PCs or playing on tablets. The measure of time we spend […]

The Truth About Computer Hardware Upgrade

When we have computer performance problem, it is easy to come to a quick conclusion that we don’t have enough of something. The easiest and cheapest way to upgrade the computer is by adding enough RAM. However, we should really determine whether we do need the proper amount of RAM. We could do this by […]

Resolution And Zoom Of Digital Cameras

It can be quite daunting when we want to shop for digital cameras. There are many digital cameras to choose from and we could have little knowledge on what models to choose. So, it is important for us to make the whole thing easier. Whatever we do, we know that we get what we pay […]

How Programs Can Make Our Computer Slower?

Defragmentation is not the only real reason why computers become slower. Windows PC allows us to easily install any kind of program. We could find so many free and trial programs that promise interesting usability. Unfortunately, many new programs could be inhabited by bad code that could lie dormant until specific situation is achieved. Even […]

Should Athletes Rely On Technology?

It has been suggested that high-tech gears have caused fundamental loss in skills among professional athletes. It is reasoned that advanced technologies can be detrimental to the development of skill, fitness and technique. Instead of arguing for too many reasons, it is important to be aware of the possible uses of such technology to improve […]

Real Reason Of Performance Deterioration In Computers

Computers are not mechanical devices, they are not affected by wear and tear. Solid state technology, which is the basis of microprocessors, RAM modules, graphics cards, SSD and others, have steady performance over the years. However, computers get slower over the time and this could be caused by multiple reasons. However, we should be able […]

4 Cloud-Based Services That Can Make Us More Productive, Faster And Smarter

There are different technologies that people normally use, such as social media, blogs, software, websites, tablets, computers and smarpthones. In fact, it gets harder and harder for us to keep up. People get glued constantly to their devices. For many people, the technology has literally become their master. In reality, technology should be our servant […]

6 Ways To Do Digital Detox

Technology could actually contaminate our lives, especially if our lives are overloaded with it. If we think that the digital technology has become a toxic part of our lives; it is probably the right time for digital detox or digital cleansing. The idea is, we should clear or mind from information overload and over stimulation. […]

7 Benefits Of Using Joomla

Joomla is one of the most popular content management systems. It has been downloaded for many millions of times by users. Folks keen of delivering quality content to users should consider using the platform. But, what’s Joomla? In essence, Joomla is derived from a Swahili word “Jumla” and it means, “all together”. Just like Drupal […]

4 CMS Based On Microsoft .NET Technology

There are different CMS solutions that we can use and it is important to make sure that we are continuously updated about the capabilities and features of new CMS. With a good CMS solution, we should be able to build a real and functional website. Many content management systems are made using PHP and MySQL, […]

Things We Should Know About TikiWiki Content Management System

There are many open source, PHP-based out there and TikiWiki is one of them. It is powered by MySQL database and phpAdmin. TikiWiki comes with diverse features and they have many interesting features. Documentation for TikiWiki is adequate, although it may not be as extensive documentation for WordPress, Drupal and Joomla. The search feature of […]

Why We Should Use Mobile-Capable CMS?

Today, it is important for us to have a flexible CMS that can answer all kinds of requirements. Due to the proliferation of mobile devices and location-based browsing, we should make sure that our CMS can help us to achieve that. Predicting about the future of mobile-based usages of the Internet will be quite challenging, […]